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Introducing SamBoard 


You may call it SamBoard ”two” or SamBoardSQUARED, because after all, it is a square board!


Available in wood with either yellow or green playing surface.

Extremely limited quantities. First come, first served.

  • SamBoards have a proprietary ZERO REFLECTION surface! Rave reviews! Absolutely no glare at all!
    • beautiful!
    • will fit inside many varieties of airline carry-on bags!
    • takes up less space in crowded club sessions
    • much easier to store several boards in narrower club lockers
    • weighs only about two pounds (wood)
    • approximately 35 cm x 36 cm (13.5” x 14.5”)
    • wooden board has a sensuously smooth natural wood feel underside and is rounded in more ways than one - the edge (circumference) is pleasantly rounded also!             
    • ultra-quiet strong bearing rotates and stops easily
    • grids will hold the tiles securely — they won't slide off like in many other boards
    • will have A-O, 1-15 markings on all four sides for easy annotation
    • will not have any other company info or website, email, phone# ... ANYWHERE on the board!!
    • fits every tile made anywhere! Protiles TM, SamTiles TM, International Protiles TM, SamTiles Universal (STU) TM, British tiles, ...
    • so pretty you can eat off of these boards!
    • These are carefully crafted and not mass produced

SamBoard 2

$179.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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