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Mini SamTimer is here! MST. New button colors!!

It is NOT the Pocket SamTimer, which is a "budget" model. Think of PST as "Pocketbook" SamTimer. Mini is a higher end model.

Mini SamTimer features

  • Available in Mini SamTimer Touch™ version!
  • Comes in original beige, black.
  • Smallest digital game clock.
    approx. 6.4" w x 2.7" d x 2" h
    16 cm x 6.8 cm x 5 cm
  • Lightweight - twelve ounces!!
  • MST maintains the same features that have made the original SamTimer the world leader since the early 1990's:
    • Convenient easy-to-read 45 degree slant
    • Bright, viewer-friendly, thick 1" digits
    • Sturdy Aluminum construction
    • Amazing 5 year warranty (industry first)
  • 25:00 25:00 default comes on brightly at the light press of the center button
  • Simply press the center button to pause the clock
  • Just as with the SamTimer, press the center button 5 times to "reset" to next game.
  • Various "default" start options: 22 minutes, 23, 30 (for partner games), 15 etc.
  • You can set left dial minutes and seconds different from right dial (for handicapped games). Example: Gail can set her side to zero minutes, 55 seconds while giving John 15 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • In addition, numerous programmable options, which can be "saved"
  • Auto shut-off to conserve battery. If no button is pressed for a couple of hours, MST will go to sleep
  • Low-Battery alert: when the remarkably bright display starts to get progressively less bright, you still have a couple of more games of battery life left, but it will be prudent to change batteries at the end of the current game.

Mini SamTimer

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