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New Foldable Cardboard Game sets!


Even though there are similar cardboard Scrabble® boards in the market at comparable or higher prices our board has 2 important and convenient features:


  • Raised Grid – grids will hold the tiles securely – they won’t slide off like many other cardboard boards.
  • We include Silk-screened tournament quality tiles that cannot be brailled.


Do you need a full game set or just a new Foldable Cardboard board, we have options for both!


Launch Special:                                                                                                      

  • Cardboard Game board $19.95  (Board only)


  • Cardboard Game board set $26.95  

(includes Board, Tiles, Tile Bag and 2 wooden racks)


Special Bulk prices: 


  • 5 Cardboard Game board sets = $99 ($19.80 per game set)  savings of $35.75    

  • 10 Cardboard Game board sets = $188 ($18.80 per game set)  savings of $81.50 - 30% off listed price 


Please contact us for any additional bulk price offers.


  • Featuring our New Grid!

  • Quantum leap in grid design:
  • Innovative corners keep the tile very secure.
  • At the same time, removing a tile to move to a new square is hassle-free due to a clever wall that tapers down to the center.
  • Putting away tiles at the end of the game is also very easy.


**tiles and tile bag colors will vary**

Foldable Cardboard Game Set

Expected delivery date is mid to late May.
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