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  • Scrabble®, Boggle®, Chess
  • Unique COMPACT folding timer for tournament and friendly Scrabble® games.
  • Conforms to all the American and International rules for overtime, hold period for word challenges, etc!
  • Even computes actual overtime penalties!
  • Just fold this FlipTimer to REMEMBER the time settings in the middle of a game and unfold to continue the game later, maybe in a location miles away! A FlipTimer exclusive!
  • Folded, the FlipTimer measures an amazingly compact 5½" long, 2 5⁄8" wide and 1" high! Yet, the display digits at 1" high, are taller than existing digital clocks! Incredible.
  • Three color choices:
    Red/Yellow, Yellow/Fuchsia, or Blue/Green 


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