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Give your back and shoulders a relief! Use this wheeler bag with a retractable handle to transport and protect your boards (room for three round SCRABBLE® boards!!) and miscellaneous items like your SamTimers.


  • Comfort grip handle, retractable with cushioned grip. The telescoping handle locks in place in 3 height settings: ideal for Stu Levinsky as well as our young stars who proudly call themselves DePhoney! :) And anyone in between.
  • In addition to three dividers for large (22.2") round boards, there are three additional pockets for SamTimers, long or short racks, Tile Bags, Franklin®, Webster's, OSPD, Chamber's, OWL, Bob's Bible, Score Sheets, Clipboards and even laptops!
  • Powerful belt loop to roll around one or two handbags or pc-bags, piggyback!
  • A retractable pedestal keeps the bag upright -- not found in most other round bags.
  • Heavy duty zippers, like the ones popular with SamTimer carrying bags for a dozen years.
  • Nice, thick padding to provide decent protection.
  • One year warranty.
  • The Board-Wheeler is particularly useful for club directors, who have to lug around a few round boards, laptop and dictionaries from their home to car and then to the rec center. My thick round mahogany board is heavy. For the last couple of tourneys, I have been able to wheel around three boards effortlessly.

    Also, for households with more than one active player, each with a round board, this Board-Wheeler is a godsend. We might even be able to accommodate the Saldanha family! ;)

Board Wheeler

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