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  • Compact
  • REVOLUTIONary turntable
  • Quiet, non-jerky rotation of the board
  • Glare-free
  • Non-reflective 15x15 and surrounding area
  • Matte finish – easy on your eyes
  • You can choose from 5 attractive board colors
  • GREEN or YELLOW 15x15 background: You pick!
  • So you have a choice among 10 possible boards
  • Reinforced to be Sturdy
  • Lightweight design
  • 2.5 lb in weight! 
  • Simply open the board, and slide the turn table in place to use!



  • Dimensions & New Grid

    Dimensions after disassembly = 10 inches x 12.6".

    Should comfortably fit in any small laptop bag.

    New Grid!

    • Quantum leap in grid design:
    • Innovative corners keep the tile very secure
    • At the same time, removing a tile to move to a new square is hassle-free due to a clever wall that tapers down to the center
    • Putting away tiles at the end of the game is also very easy

Acrylic FoldBoard

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